Vendor Compliance Guide

Section 1: Quality Assurance

Packing and Shipping Guidelines

    • All Web POs (E prefix) must be palletized separately from Store POs (C & R prefix ).
    • Multiple Web POs (E prefix) coming from one Vendor can be mixed on the same pallet.
    • Multiple Store POs (R & C prefix) coming from one location and shipping to the same address can be mixed on the same pallet.
    • If shipping multiple purchase orders, please separate each purchase order and have each carton clearly marked with the Sierra purchase order numbers.
    • If purchase orders are mixed on a pallet, clearly mark each carton with the correct purchase order numbers and separate PO's by a slip-sheet or layer of cardboard.
    Please pack and ship orders in accordance with unit splits and ship to address(es) located on last page of PDF Purchase Order.

        • All shipments must be palletized and shrink-wrapped, unless the shipment meets criteria for FedEx (Please see the Domestic Shipping Guidelines for FedEx criteria below).
        • Pack one style, color and size per case.
        • For Apparel: Individually polybag (when possible) and clearly label on outside of polybag the style number, color, and size.
        • Large bulk items should be sent in individual re-shippable cartons, i.e.: luggage, sleeping bags, home furnishings, comforters, etc. should be individually boxed. If you are shipping these types of items and you are not able to pack them in individual re-shippable cartons, please contact the buyer indicated on the P.O.

      Carton Markings

      Packing Lists

      E-mail a copy of the packing list to and place a copy of the packing list with all PO numbers listed and placed on an outward facing carton.

      Please include the following information on the packing list:

      • Ship to address
      • Return address
      • All Sierra Purchase Order numbers on pallet
      • Bill to address
      • Quantities by size, color, and product description.
      • Vendor style number
      • Shippers name and address
      • Weight and total number of cartons or pallets.

      Domestic Shipping Guidelines


      Unless specified otherwise on the purchase order, Sierra operates on a freight collect basis.

      If our instructions are not followed, we reserve the right to charge back the difference between the rates of the incorrect carrier and our preferred carrier.

      Shipments 200 pounds or less

      • Ship via FedEx Ground (our preferred small package carrier). Please use the purchase order number as the package reference. Palletizing on FedEx shipments is not required.
      • • No account number is needed to Ship to Sierra as an inbound collect shipment.

      Shipments Over 200 pounds (LTL and Full Truckload):

      • You are required to route POs on Sierra iTrack if merchandise requires pickup from a US location.
        • iTrack link: Axel (
        • This process is effective 2/6/23 and will replace the previous process of emailing all routing requests to
        • If you currently use iTrack for a different TJX routing process, that current process will not be impacted. You will need a separate iTrack username to route Sierra orders.
        • Please contact with all iTrack questions, including requests to create your Sierra iTrack account.
        • Orders delivering POE on ocean containers with other TJX freight are not included in this process.
      • Routing Guidelines:
        • When routing on iTrack, please have the following information ready:
          • Ship from address
          • Total weight of shipment, including pallet weight
          • Cubic meters or cubic feet of entire shipment
          • Total number of pallets and if they are stackable
          • Purchase order numbers that are shipping and type of goods
          • Ready date for pickup
        • Purchase Orders need to be routed within the ship window, between the PO ready date and cancel date.
          • POs cannot be routed in iTrack before the ready date.
          • If POs are not routed before the cancel date, vendors will be unable to route the order(s) in iTrack and will need to contact their buyer for an extension date.
        • All POs routed in iTrack need to be 11 digits, including the distribution center prefix (0810 for Cheyenne, 0860 for Ashville)
        • If POs are allocated to more than one distribution center, the POs will need to be routed separately for each location.
        • Each routing request cannot exceed 3692 cube and/or 40,000lbs. If the routing request exceeds these criteria, the PO must be routed again to account for the additional cube. This will ensure we are coordinating the accurate number of trailers for your pickup. Please route within iTrack at least 5 days of Cancel Ship Date for specific full load routing instructions.
        • Please note shipments are to be sent during a 10-day shipping window agreed upon at time of purchase
        • Shipments and partial shipments sent after ship cancel dates may not be accepted

      Hazardous Chemical Communication

      In order for Sierra to fully comply with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards/Globally Harmonized System (GHS), all Vendors to provide a safety Data Sheet-SDS (formally known as a Material Safety Data Sheet-MSDS) to the buyer and/or buying assistant listed on the PO at the time the order is placed. The SDS is required for any product that contains a chemical (even if the product is natural and organic). Furthermore, a copy of the SDS must be attached to the Bill of Lading.

      FOB US Port

      If you are shipping from a foreign country into a US port other than Denver, CO., please make sure the shipment has been de-vanned (unloaded from the shipping container). You will then use the domestic vendor guide link to see how it will be shipped.

      International Shipping Guidelines

      General Information:

      Contact the Shipping Coordinator two weeks or 10 business days in advance of the shipment.

      Upon contact, please provide the volume, weight, and dispatch address of the shipment.

      The Import Logistics Coordinator will reply with the freight forwarder’s contact information and instructions for arranging the collection.

      Do not ship an order without approval via email.

      All documents must be in English and marked original. Please contact the Import Logistics Coordinator for specific format requirements.

      Required Documents:

      Official Commercial Invoice must contain the following so to clear Customs:

      • The invoice must be in English or have an English translation stated
      • The invoice must contain the complete name and address of the shipper, consignee and Importer of Record
      • The country of origin must be listed for all items
      • Sierra PO must be on the invoice
      • The currency code of the declared value must be stated (example: USD, Euro, GBP)
      • The incoterm (Terms of Sale) must be declared
      • A detailed description of each item allowing Customs to ascertain the duty rate (the description should be very detailed in layman’s terms as Customs does not work for your company and does not have extensive knowledge of your products)
      • Manufacturers Name address for each style
      • The quantities in the weights and measures of the country or place from which the merchandise is shipped, or in the weights and measures of the United States
      • Standard Invoice must be emailed to
      • Each shipment may not require originals documents. Please check before mailing originals

      Additional Documents:

      • Bill of Lading: We require a full set of multi modal transport or ocean documents consigned to the order of the shipper, blank endorsed, marked freight collect, and marked to notify our preferred forwarder as instructed by the Import Coordinator.
      • Packing List: Please specify by carton. Must be signed and marked original.
      • Shipments containing goods whose country of origin is a non-WTO country must include export visa documents and quota charge statements, all signed and stamped original.
      • Shipments whose country of origin is subject to the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act must also include an ATPDEA Declaration with the above required documents.
      • Shipments including textile goods must also include an original signed textile declaration statement in addition to the above required documents.
      • Shipments of footwear must include an Interim Footwear Invoice.
      • Palletized shipments must also include certification of heat treatment or fumigation. For more information, please visit

      General Guidelines

      • Please contact the buyer or buying assistant noted on the purchase order if changes are necessary prior to dispatch.
      • Review the terms and condiitons that accompany each PO for additional requirements beyond those listed below.

      • Care, Content, Country of Origin

        1. Ensure all textile, wool, and fur items meet FTC requirements for labeling including but not limited to the Textile and Wool Acts and the Care Labeling Rule.
        2. For more information please visit:
        3. Care labels must be permanently attached.
        4. Country of origin and fabric content labels must be securely attached.
        5. Please contact the Sierra Quality Assurance Team at with any questions regarding labels.
        6. All heat seal defacing should be approved by Sierra prior to shipping product.

        7. Irregulars and 2nds

          • In some cases we purchase irregulars and 2nds determined between the buyer and the vendor. The definition of irregulars and 2nds are items that do not affect the fit, performance or longevity of the items.
          • We do not accept items with holes of any size or tears.
          • We do not accept garments with obvious defects in strategically visible areas such as stains, shading and UV fading.
          • Brand labels must be removed or defaced according to the brand owner requirements.
          • Please contact the QA Department on the PO regarding questions on irregulars or other quality control issues.

          Bamboo Fabric Guidelines

          To comply with the FTC rules concerning bamboo labeling, none of our apparel or textile merchandise should state”___% bamboo,” “made from bamboo,” or any equivalent. There can be no claim to bamboo as it relates to any antimicrobial properties. This applies to sewn-in labels, hang tags and packaging.

          Rayon on viscose fibers are sometimes made from bamboo as a plant source. Such fibers may be described as”___% rayon from bamboo,” or “___% viscose from bamboo,” but cannot be labeled as “___% bamboo,” or “bamboo.”

          Sanctioned Countries

          Sierra will not accept any product(s) made in or shipped from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Syria, and Ukraine (Crimea Region only).

          Consumer Product Safety Requirements

          Sierra collects Children's Product Certificates for all children’s product based upon the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and, where Sierra is importer of record, Sierra collects General Certificates of Conformity or Children's Product Certificates (collectively, Certificates of Compliance), and related testing, for all products covered by the CPSIA, whether or not they are children's products. If you already have your own Certificate of Compliance, we can accept that. You must send all required documents prior to shipment as we cannot accept in-scope goods without Certificates of Compliance; where Sierra is the importer of record, all required documentation must be provided 35 days prior to booking date. Failure to meet these requirements may result in cancellation or RTV. For more information please visit:

        10. Section 2: Accounts Payable

          General Information

          • Always receive a valid, approved, written or electronic PO from Sierra
          • Verify the accuracy of all PO details, including item price, payment terms, and routing directions. Correct any discrepancies prior to shipping of merchandise.
          • Each invoice must contain:

          • Sierra PO number
          • Vendor style number for each item
          • Vendor name and "remit to" address
          • Payment terms.
          • Unit cost
          • Quantities by size, color, and product description
          • Fax/Email or mail invoice to Accounts Payable (below)

          **All vendor correspondence should include appropriate supporting documentation.**

          • Merchandise Invoice Address:
          • Sierra
          • PO Box 9171
          • Framingham, MA 01701
          • Invoices can be sent via email in a PDF format to

          Section 3: Visual Procedure Covenants

          Graphics, Logos & Image Usage Agreements

          When available, please email high resolution (300dpi) product images .

          Section 4: TJX Company Policies

          The TJX Companies, INC. Statement of Policy Concerning Gifts

          At TJX, we are committed to selecting suppliers and merchandise based on quality and price - free from the influence of any gifts.

          Accordingly, our Associates are prohibited from soliciting gifts or other items of value, and most unsolicited gifts or other items of value will be declined, returned to the supplier, or donated to charity. Our Associates are advised that TJX will treat violations of our Gift Policy very seriously. We expect you to refrain from offering and giving gifts or other items of value to our Associates. Your cooperation will assist us in our efforts to operate our business with the highest standards.

          The TJX Companies, INC. Vendor Code Of Conduct

          TJX requires that all products offered for sale in our stores be produced in facilities that meet specific criteria, as set forth below:

          Compliance With Applicable Laws and Regulations Our vendors and the factories in which the merchandise they sell us is manufactured must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to animal protection laws.

          Ethical Business Standards Our vendors must not engage in or attempt to engage in bribery, corruption, or similar unethical business practices in dealing with government officials or private individuals or entities.

          Health and Safety Our vendors must provide their workers with safe and healthy conditions, including in any living facilities that may be provided.

          Child Labor Our vendors must not use child labor. The term “child” is defined as anyone younger than 15 years of age (or younger than 14 years of age where the law of the country of manufacture allows 14-year-olds to work). At all times our vendors must respect compulsory education laws. Workers under the age of 18 must not perform hazardous work.

          Forced Labor Our vendors must not use voluntary or involuntary prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, labor acquired through slavery or human trafficking, or any forms of involuntary or forced labor. Our vendors must not require workers to surrender any identity papers as a condition of employment; such documents may only be temporarily held to verify a worker’s employment eligibility. Our vendors must reimburse their workers for any recruitment or hiring fees that are paid.

          Wages and Benefits Our vendors must abide by all applicable laws relating to wages and benefits, and must pay the legally prescribed minimum wage or higher. Workers must be provided with a written contract which clearly describes their employment and wage terms prior to acceptance of employment. Our vendors must not make any deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure.

          Working Hours: Our vendors must not require their employees, on a regularly scheduled basis, to work in excess of 60 hours per week (or fewer hours if prescribed by applicable laws and regulations). All overtime must be voluntary and must be fully compensated in accordance with the requirements of local law, and except in extraordinary circumstances, employees must be entitled to at least one day of rest in every seven-day period.

          Harassment or Abuse Our vendors must respect the rights and dignity of their employees. We will not tolerate human rights abuses, including physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse of workers.

          Discrimination Workers must be employed, retained and compensated based on their ability to perform their jobs, and must not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, religious, ethnic or cultural beliefs, age, sexual orientation, or any other prohibited basis.

          Freedom of Association Our vendors must respect the rights of their workers to choose (or choose not) to freely associate and to bargain collectively where such rights are recognized by law.We prohibit harassment, retaliation, and violence against trade union members and representatives.

          Environment Our vendors must be in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Our vendors are strongly encouraged to protect the environment by: operating in a sustainable manner, where possible; conserving and protecting resources, such as water and energy; and taking into consideration environmental issues that may impact local communities.

          Subcontractors Our vendors must ensure that all subcontractors and any other third parties they use in the production or distribution of goods offered for sale in our stores and online comply with the principles described in this Code of Conduct. Additionally, our private label vendors must disclose to TJX’s third-party auditors the names of all such subcontractors, and third parties before social compliance audits are scheduled.

          Monitoring and Compliance TJX or its designated third-party auditor or agent shall have the right to monitor and assess compliance with these principles. Our vendors must be transparent and honest in all communications with TJX, our auditors and agents. A violation of this Code of Conduct may result in required corrective action, cancellation of purchase order(s), and/or termination of the business relationship.

          Section 5: Sierra Contacts

          Accounts Payable