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About Snowboarding

So, you’ve decided to strap both your feet to the same board and slip headfirst down a mountain in the middle of winter. Ahh, snowboarding season. Winter Sports are no joke, and whether its your first run or your thousandth, you’re going to need quality snowboarding gear. That’s where Sierra comes in with the teeniest, tiniest prices on snowboarding essentials, like jackets, gloves, snowboards & insulated layers. Plus, adhesive body warmers, which you’ll treasure more than your firstborn child after a few good falls. At the end of the day, we’ve also got your back with a great après ski – er, snowboard – brag. Sure your friend “totally nailed” that “sick 180” in the halfpipe, but you scored those sick savings on quality snowboarding gear at Sierra. Yeah, that’s right.