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About Snowshoeing

If you’ve never snowshoed before, we’d like to share a little lesson we learned the hard way: snowshoeing is HARD WORK. Throw away the idyllic activity you’ve seen on social media and steady yourself for some serious activity. We hope this disclaimer doesn’t deter you though, because with the right gear, snowshoeing can be a pretty good time. We’d recommend starting with some moisture-wicking base layers (see: hard work) and finishing with some men’s or women’s snow sport clothing, like snow pants and a jackets. You’ll also want to protect your extremities with a hat and some gloves. Luckily, you can score all the best gear for winter activities at – you guessed it – Sierra. And if after reading this you decide, “Hey, snowshoeing isn’t for me,” head over and browse Sierra’s vast selection of skis – no judgement.