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  • Jacquard fabric is woven on a special jacquard loom, allowing a pattern woven into the fabric as opposed to being printed on it. Examples of jacquard fabrics include brocade and damask.
  • A plain, stretchy knit, jersey fabric is known for its softness, light weight and breathability. Often used to make T-shirts (and, similarly, “T-shirt sheets”), jersey is most commonly used as a material for clothing and comes in a variety of styles – including single jersey, double jersey and interlock jersey.
  • Jersey stitch, also referred to as plain stitch, is a knitting style in which the loops form vertical rows. Jersey stitch garments are recognized by a slight sheen on the face and crosswise rows on the back, and are usually stretchier width-wise than lengthwise.
  • Made from wood cellulose pulp, Junlon® rayon ( sometimes called polynosic) is an unusually strong, natural fiber with a soft, silky feel and superior wet strength. Junlon® is finer than regular rayon and resists stretching. When combined with high-quality microfiber yarns, Junlon® creates a very luxurious hand.
  • 100% biodegradable, sustainable, renewable and recyclable, jute fibers can be woven into rope, twine, rugs, curtains, mats, accessories, luggage, packaging and even clothing. Jute fibers are spun into threads that can range from coarse to silky fine. Threads created from jute are exceptionally strong and also possess insulating and antistatic qualities.