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  • An elastomer/rubber compound used in footwear outsoles that has extraordinary properties for cold weather wear, maintaining its flexibility and traction qualities even in sub-freezing temperatures. Kametik® technology originated in Canada, where freezing temperatures are common. A very light type of construction, Kametik® weighs up to 30% less than other compounds and constructions.
  • An extremely tough and stretchy fabric blended with high-tensile fibers such as Kevlar® and Cordura®. Developed specifically for maximum protection during motorcycle racing, Keprotec® fabric is also used for workwear, gloves and shoes. Keprotec® is abrasion resistant and fall-proof. It also resists tears and high temperatures.
  • Originally developed to be used in motorcycle racing apparel, Keprotec® is an extremely durable, abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant fabric made using high-tensile aramide fibers. Keprotec® fabric is ideal for motorsports gear, workwear and footwear.
  • Kevlar® is best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, but has many other applications, ranging from bicycle tires to racing sails. Kevlar® is extraordinarily strong, with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis while remaining lightweight, flexible and comfortable.
  • A term used to describe the color and cloth of uniform that originated in Britain. Khaki is a closely twilled cloth made from linen or cotton, and comes in a yellowish tan or ash color. In modern days, khaki has come to mean a specific cut of trouser designed for casual wear.
  • An accessory on certain types of shoes and boots, a kiltie is a fringed or serrated piece of material, usually leather or suede, that forms an accent beneath the laces. A kiltie may be an extension of the shoe’s tongue or a separate piece of material that can be removed. Loafers and traditional golf shoes are two types of footwear that often have a kiltie.
  • Krek is a tanning process applied to suede that renders the suede resistant to water, snow and stains. Krek leather conveys a more casual look than suede, having a semi-gloss surface texture that acquires a light nap after six to eight months of wearing.